Cullen Royle

Purveyors of property

Cullen Royle is a boutique property agency created by Deborah Cullen and Richard Royle. They have over 30 years of collective experience and have been directly responsible for some of Australia’s most notable country and prestige property transactions. They offer their clients the highest level of care and customer service.

Tandem Agency was approached by Deb and Rich who were looking for a property marketing agency who understood the real estate landscape and would help bring the ideas they had in their head out into the real world for Cullen Royle. Rhrough good strategies, great creative and an execution plan to deliver all their marketing to launch their business and for ongoing VPA services with their clients, Cullen Royle ensured they de-risked their launch and could hit the ground running by delivering property marketing services immediately.

We were able to create a brand positioning rich in layers, textures and tones, taking inspiration from nature, land and sea, that positions Cullen Royle as Australia’s property purveyors. Through a unique combination of logo mark, signature emblems, gold leaf accents, colour and texture, this brand concept is both modern, yet traditional, simple yet complex. It is a harmonious balance of today and years gone by, providing a brilliant backdrop for storytelling and intimate connection.




Cullen Royle




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