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It is now about destination marketing rather than space leasing for developers and landlords with Gold Coast office space for lease. Tandem is a property marketing agency specialising in Gold Coast office leasing projects for developers, building owners, asset managers and commercial agents.

The Gold Coast office leasing market remains one of Australia’s most in-demand, supported by high migration numbers and significant new infrastructure and investment.

  • SME’s continue to be the main tenancy drivers in the market
  • Fitted out spaces are in high demand due to high construction costs
  • Good asset branding is driving trust with tenants and lower incentives
  • Wholistic asset marketing is more important for long-term leasing
  • Local marketing tactics work more effectively in SEQ
  • Coworking and serviced office space is growing competitively

As specialists in property marketing, we work with local developers, landlords, institutions and commercial agents to bring office leasing projects to life on the Gold Coast.

Our industry experience, systems, processes and can do approach allows us to achieve award-winning results, within tight time-frames when we work across the SEQ and Gold Coast office leasing markets.

Gold Coast Property Marketing & Branding 

Gold Coast Property Marketing & Branding 

Gold Coast Property Marketing & Branding 

Gold Coast Property Marketing & Branding 

Gold Coast Property Marketing & Branding 

Gold Coast Property Marketing & Branding 

Property marketing for

Gold Coast office leasing

As a trusted partner to major agency networks, we are always eager to work with local development groups who are looking to establish new projects or reposition existing assets within the Gold Coast office leasing market.

Strategy &


If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t have an inhouse marketing team, or need some structured guidance, then strategy and consultancy services are right for you.

A good strategy provides a clear roadmap and helps all stakeholders get on the same page about a project’s direction. When everyone is aligned, you’ll end up saving time and money when it comes to design and creative with less revisions because of the clear direction the team has.

Through our deep industry experience, our property marketing specialists can guide you with brand strategy and consultancy for any Gold Coast office leasing projects.

Identity &


Brand identity and messaging is at the core of every Gold Coast office leasing project. It’s the unique curation of the brand messaging through its tone of voice and the way it looks and feels from the brand identity, logos, brand colours and fonts. This builds emotions, vibes and feelings for tenants creating stronger engagement, interest and trust.

By focusing on the vibe people get from a building before they’ve stepped onsite for an inspection. Creating a building brand that excites a prospects employees when their boss tells them this is where their new office is moving too.

We strive to empower the sales team to create deeper relationships with tenant prospects and ensure your asset is front of mind through their decision making process.


& Content

Collateral and content is the main part of a Gold Coast office leasing project’s library of marketing assets. It’s the tangible part of a property marketing agency campaign.

This is where we create all material like photography, CGI’s, videos, brochures, agent presentations, 3D stack plans and asset merchandise. 

We work together with sales teams to figure out how and what agents need to work with potential office tenant prospects. What does the leave behind pack look like after an inspection, what follow up material is needed, what does the heads of agreement look like, how and where are floorpans used, the signage onsite, where do tenants view the photos and videos and creating interactive stack plans and leasing availability guides.

Web &

Digital Design

Digital sales funnels are the pinnacle to a successful marketing campaign. Through our Gold Coast design studio, we create tailored online identities and marketing systems that amplify a building’s visibility for the sales team.

We specialise in digital design services for Gold Coast office leasing projects by delivering website design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and digital sales funnels.

Our web and digital services aim to drive enquiry, engage tenants and showcase building features for landlords, developers and commercial agents on the Gold Coast.

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